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I need to have an ‘enjoy myself’ philosophy. Get comfortable with writing until my body tenses up or my brain gets logjammed – and then just doing something else, relaxing until I get the signal in my head telling me it’s time to go back to the keyboard.


When I'm feeling stressed out at the thought of trying to finish something - whether it be a script, an Act, or a scene - set myself a couple of small goals.




Quite often when I'm starting a dialogue draft, I won't shave until the story has quickened and the dialogue is coming naturally and rapidly out of me. Unfortunately, the beard stops me from sleeping well).



Taking a break between drafts means ideas are popping into my head all the time –scribble down images & snippets that’ll flesh out scenes. Guess I’m refuelling.





The more important I think a scene is, the longer it seems to take me to write (I freak out, because I need to get it "right").


But every scene should be important. Every scene and moment needs to contribute.


I'll need to develop ways of de-freaking-out:

- being a full-time writer would be good (more dedicated time to solve problems and get into a groove).


I need to relax and have fun while I'm writing:



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