Hi! This is a wiki about my script-writing process.


Based on my screen-writing diary over at multi-dimensional, I'm collating all the tips and tricks I've come up with over the last couple of years working in TV and film (imdb profile), and from my most recent project, a vigilante thriller called The Limit.  


Oh yeah, and this wiki's a work in progress. I'll let you know when that changes...


Next Actions: redraft 'Overview of Writing a Scene' section, redraft 'Overview of Editing' section, work on 'Emotional Phases'.

To Do: Disclaimer, What I hope to achieve


The Process


The Writing Headspace (1 of 6 sections to redraft)

Set up project files and folders

Breaking the Story (1 of 7 sections to organise)

Building Characters (edit sub-sections and make the main page useful)

Writing the Scene (work on 'Overview', bold key insights, then cull)

Redrafting (redraft 'Overview of Editing' section, create 'Problem Solving' and 'Post-Read Thinking' sections, categorise rest of material)

Career (to bold key insights, then cull)



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